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How to Make nice Intro/Outro youtube videos

Posted on July 23, 2010 at 8:40 PM

If you have watched my channel's videos (RealGamingScrubs), you probably have noticed my intro video, which includes a nice computer animation and good music. I also have lots of music to place in my video, so it fill the background with good music but not too loud to destroy the message. I also have a nice outro video, which advertises my website and shows the required liscence to show my music, and again with nice music. Below is my current intro video.


First things first: you HAVE to respect copyright. I have learned this lesson the hard way many times. You need good music and good animations that do not violate copyright. But, the music and animations I use do not violate their copyright, and can be used for free!

For all of my animations, I found them Here. There is a great selection, and they are free to download. The only thing is in their Liscence statement, they wish to have their website displayed in the video description, so I place in the bottom in the description in all my videos.

Next, you need great music. I found a fantastic site that is free to use and download, but you need to show their liscence. Here they wish to have their site listed in both the video and description. So, I placed a link on the bottom of my video description and another in my outro video.

Once you have your animation and music selected, all you need to do is put it all together. For editing the video, I recommend something better than Movie Maker, such as Pinnacle Studio or Adobe After Effects. Open whatever program you use to edit, and insert your animation so that is about 10 seconds long. Any longer and you will make people angry and impatient. Then, place your music on the animation and trim it so it is 10 seconds long, or as long as the animation lasts. Then, place a title on the video, and type your name and then "Presents" or a link to your Youtube Channel. Finally, save it somewhere you can easily access it. I would call the file "Intro"

Next, do the same for an outro. But for an outro I would make it more like an advertisement, with links to your channel or a giant Subscribe button. Also make sure you place the appropiate copyright liscence. Do the same steps as before and save it as "Outro".

Then, whenever you make a video, just insert the intro before your main video, and the outro after in your editing program. Then, save that file as "(your video) FINAL". I place the "FINAL" in it so you know it has the intro and outro files in it, and so it's easy to find when uploading it. Enjoy!




I hope this guide helped. If you still have questions about filming or editing, please feel free to Contact Us.

Also feel free to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

Last Updated 12-2-2012


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